Ronna And Kristen on Meet the Press After Vivek Wrecked Them


Welker said, “Republicans say that they had a tough night on Tuesday. Obviously, losses in Ohio, Virginia, and Kentucky, what do you say to Republicans who say you bear some responsibility for that and you’re not the right person for this moment?”

McDaniel responds, “Well, I’m proud of the RNC, and I stand by what the RNC’s doing, and some people don’t understand what we do.  We’re a turnout machine, and actually, it’s going to look like more Republicans turned out in Virginia than Democrats.

“We actually turned out more Republicans than Democrats in Kentucky. We’re not the messaging. That comes from the candidate, and that’s up to them. But I’m very proud of our minority outreach at the RNC’s doing. The 70 lawsuits we’re in right now on election integrity and our banker vote initiative, and I think it’s instrumental in how we’re going to win back the Senate, win the White House, and keep the House in 2024.”

She basically blamed an anonymous RNC machine and the candidates.


Her record is abysmal.

The results of the turnout for the Virginia election aren’t out officially. The Republican early voter turnout might have been higher, but it’s unlikely Republicans voted for Democrats in large numbers. Turnout in general was low. The Virginia Republican Party asked for funds from the RNC toward the end after Democrats donated a million dollars in ads at the last minute. Ronna McDaniel gave them nothing.

Democrats likely turned out over abortion. Nothing gets in the way of Democrats ending the lives of the unborn. However, it’s time for Republicans to end the political messaging on it if they hope to win elections. It’s out of federal hands and up to the states which is the way it will have to be.

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