Russia Allegedly Shifts Away from Kyiv to Focus on Donbas


The Wall Street Journal reports that Russia is pivoting its focus in Ukraine. They’ve suffered heavy losses and a lot of resistance and are now focusing on the Donbas Region.

It appears that they can’t capture or even surround the Capitol of Kyiv, according to the Journal.


Russia does not have full control over Donbas and the fighting has been savage. Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov said Saturday that the country’s forces were fighting to take two villages around Donetsk, a major city held by Russian-backed separatists since 2014.

Moscow claims it is nearing the end of the first phase of its military operation in Ukraine. “Our forces and resources will focus on the primary objective: full liberation of the Donbas,” said Sergei Ruskoy, head of the Russian general staff’s main operational department.

Ukraine’s military is regrouping to probably prepare for a renewed offensive in the contested area that stretches from Luhansk along Russia’s southern border with Ukraine to the west of the port city of Mariupol.

There is street fighting in Mariupol.

Russia wants the territory to secure a “land bridge” between western Russia and the Crimean Peninsula to expand control of Donbas, according to Isabel Coles and Evan Gershkovich writing for the Journal.


The fighting in Mariupol has gone on for eight years with more than 14,000 lives lost until the invasion last month.

Russians were shelling residential buildings in Luhansk on Friday. Three people were killed. Food and other essentials are delivered to people hiding in basements and bomb shelters.

There is fighting in Kherson, the regional capital where Russians were pushed back. That’s where Russia will now concentrate. It is also where the most battle-hardened troops can be found, reports the Journal.

Personally, I think one of the reasons that Russian troops are bogged down is because they’re used to invading and going scorched earth, leveling the place as they did in Syria and elsewhere. But they usually aren’t watched as closely as they are now. Everything they do means more terrible news coverage for them. They’ve lost the PR battle.

Despite saying their focus is on the contested region in Donbas, they are shelling Lyiv in the West.

There are fears that Russia would go nuclear.

The financial system in Russia has survived and they do seem to be able to export their oil and gas. One of the US goals was to destroy the rouble but it seems to be doing okay.

Jake Sullivan thought he could weaken China’s support of Russia and sway India, but neither has happened. The meeting in Rome didn’t work. Sullivan couldn’t trap China. Russia is not isolated.


Soldiers and equipment are pouring into Ukraine.

War is terrible and cruel.

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1 year ago

Why should I believe anything from the Wall Street Journal?

1 year ago

Any report by the WSJ should be considered agitprop. Russia now controls 30% of the entire world’s grain exports.All It has to do is sit back and wait for the world to come begging for food as well as fuel. BTW, Bloomberg reported today that over 1 million containers from China to Europe have to be rerouted by sea and air. The problem with the hysterically low IQ,low information leaders of the West and the Obiden Junta is that they cannot see or even comprehend the consequences of their actions. When the Europenas finally realize they are going to both freexze and starve maybe they will grab thir pitch forks and lynch the entire bunch of cray woke morons. Russia and Putin have won. Of course,it was easy for never in the whole course of human history have the US and Europe been led by such gross incompetents.

Creepy Azz Cracka
Creepy Azz Cracka
1 year ago

Sevastopol and Crimea is more important and letting them keep the Kiev oligarch money laundering operation will keep the filthy lucre flowing for all warpigs.
A partition was probably the plan all along until Zelensky started calling for no-fly zones and more mercs and equipment to get Afghanistan Part III going.
The bio-labs are very important as well.
A change in strategery shows that they know how to adjust.
Putin has some FSB leaders on house arrest for faulty intelligence and they had to know that it wouldn’t be some cakewalk to take the 51st state.

Prep Now
Prep Now
1 year ago

@ Greg,

Biden’s handlers are welcoming 100,000 Ukrainians and you can bet some Azovians will be in there.
Since that is what they will reveal to enemedia, you know it is much more.

1 year ago

CNN doesn’t tell the whole story. The Azov Battalion has been using schools and other civilian buildings. Locals have said Azov would hide in these buildings drawing the fire from the Russians and then leave. Evidence has been found showing what they left behind. On occasions some dead Azov men were found in the buildings. Russian soldiers have been going from building to building in Mariupol to root out those left.

Clearly Langford is just another propagandist. Of course they hit other cities, including Lviv, anything that can resupply Ukrainian forces. Apparently many Ukrainians aren’t up to the task of shooting their own. Many have refused and where shot by the Azov battalion. Large numbers have turned themselves over to the Russians.

By Zelensky and the West implying Russia is losing and thus prolonging the battles is causing considerably more unnecessary civilian deaths. Putin said in the beginning his goal was to take the Donbass area, and restrict Ukraine from resupplying its forces along that area. For years Ukraine has mined the Grey Zone around the Donbass. Currently Russia is removing mines and IED’s in these areas. Of course no one mentions the long convoys of humanitarian aid that have been distributed across the area.