Russia Is on the Move and Threatens Two More Countries


Russia recently threatened 30 Western countries with ‘consequences greater than any you have faced in history’ if they intervene in its invasion of Ukraine. That could mean anything up to a nuclear war.

We should take him seriously but we have a very unserious administration in charge.

In response to recent sanctions, Dmitry Medvedev, a former president and the deputy chairman of Russia’s security council, on Saturday said the country will back out of the previous nuclear arms deal made with the United States, The Associated Press reported.

They may sever diplomatic ties with Western nations and freeze their assets.

A Russian official on Friday issued a warning to two more nations, Finland and Sweden, should both nations intend to join NATO, saying such moves would have “serious military-political repercussions.”

On Friday, the Russian foreign ministry spokeswoman Maria Zajarova leveled a warning at Sweden and Finland.

Finland and Sweden should not base their security on damaging the security of other countries and their accession to NATO can have detrimental consequences and face some military and political consequences Watch:

The ministry later posted the same threat on Twitter:

“We regard the Finnish government’s commitment to a military non-alignment policy as an important factor in ensuring security and stability in northern Europe,” the tweet reads. “Finland’s accession to @NATO would have serious military and political repercussions.”

“Partnership with the alliance is very important for us. While maintaining a strong national defense, we retain the opportunity to apply for membership,” he wrote. “It is the sovereign right of each nation to make decisions on its security policy.”

Putin must be taken very seriously at this point, especially in light of his war in Ukraine, a nation he seeks to annex. He has done the same thing in Georgia, although his plan for Ukraine is a complete takeover. Both Georgia and Ukraine wanted to join NATO and they are on Russia’s border.

Putin has undermined NATO for years and will continue to do so, far more effectively under Joe Biden. Russian President Putin is paranoid about NATO. His perceived goal of annexing other countries is now a real issue.

If we don’t get him to divert course, we could end up in a Third World War, or he could simply reconstitute an empire in conjunction with China. Unfortunately, we don’t have an administration engaging in diplomacy.


He wants more power and more land. That is a given He has claimed control of the Arctic and hopes to rule Space and seemingly weaponize it.

Russia has claimed 70 percent of the Arctic seabed. His claims butt up against claims of Canada and Denmark (Greenland), not the US.

There is also a real danger of Russia weaponizing space at some point. They have emitted projectiles into space from satellites that traveled at a high rate of speed — 500 km per hour. This could be used as a weapon.

Russian space activities also have a cyber and electronic warfare angle. With the help of remote-sensing capabilities, Russian spy satellites potentially seek to disrupt military and civilian satellite communications and navigation systems.

Shadowing and tailing in space, which they have engaged in, is regarded as spying, and their anti-satellite weapon tests are part of a trend that demonstrates Russia’s persistent space strategy for close-proximity operations with foreign countries.

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