Russiagate Forgerer Is Back in the DC Bar in “Good Standing”


The former senior FBI lawyer who falsified a surveillance document in the Trump-Russia investigation is back in the DC bar as a member in “good standing.” He hasn’t even finished serving out his probation as a convicted felon.

Kevin Clinesmith lives a charmed life. He pleaded guilty in August 2020 to doctoring an email used to justify a surveillance warrant targeting former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page. He helped ruin Mr. Page’s life. It was also use to spy on the Trump campaign as part of an obvious coup.

Clinesmith was sentenced to 12 months probation last January. But the D.C. Bar did not seek his disbarment, as is customary after lawyers are convicted of serious crimes involving the administration of justice.

They didn’t even discipline him. Finally, after negative publicity, they temporarily suspended Clinesmith. In September, the bar let him off suspension and restored his status to “active member” in “good standing.”

They didn’t even check to see if he was off probation or met his requirement of 400 hours of community service.

From the records, it also appears bar officials did not consult with the FBI’s Inspection Division, which has been debriefing Clinesmith to determine if he was involved in any other surveillance abuses tied to Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrants, in addition to the one used against Page.

The DoJ/FBI is a joke.


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