Democrat USA 2022! What You Will Be Allowed to Believe Going Forward


War is Peace

Freedom is Slavery

Ignorance is Strength

The following is a public service message that Joe Biden would like to give and basically has.

The United States is racist to its core thanks to white people and it must be destroyed to be replaced by some vague notion of Utopia with elites (who alone know what is right) in charge. In exchange we must all give up our freedoms and whites must admit they are horrid racists, inferior to all other races.

Our military must ignore threats from the outside to hire and promote transgenders and anyone non-white, heterogeneous, and religious, unless Muslim (for now). The service members must acknowledge and deal with “white rage” while vaccinating themselves continuously with whatever drug the government allows or demands.

We must leave our borders open but close Europe’s borders, especially Ukraine’s.

All of our wealth, resources, and manufacturing must go abroad for the sake of the climate, especially to Chinese communists. Giving our money in high taxes to Joe Biden and the Squad will solve the changing climate issue.

The US must help Russia with their pipeline – not ours, of course – so they can rule supreme over Europe.

Iran must be allowed to get the bomb. “Death to Israel” is just a joke they like to tell.

All of us are to pretend the Wuhan virus came from a Pangolin or some creature, not the Chines lab. Additionally, we must believe everything ‘always wrong’ Fauci says. Useless masks and failed lockdowns are good. So what if infected illegal aliens can travel freely.

Ignore all vaccine injuries you conspiracy theorist and forget about natural immunity, VAERS, therapeutics, fired employees, enrichment of Big Pharma, and the low risk of death.

Don’t let the Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, George Soros Great Reset to a globalist technocracy bother you, even as they get richer and you get locked down.

All Americans must give up cars and single-family homes. In fact, give up owning anything and you will be happy.

You must believe in defunding the police and giving all that money to leftist organizations that pretend they are charities.

To save democracy, you must lose your Bill of Rights, especially religion, speech, guns, and privacy. If you protest, there might be a prison cell waiting for you. That doesn’t apply to violent, communist organizations like Antifa and Black Lives Matter. You must worship them, you racist.

Critical Race Theory, an Anti-American, racist program, and the fake history of 1619 must be taught to the children.

All white people are evil racists and it’s fine to say so. It’s also fine to discriminate by race, religion, and gender.

Property destruction is not a crime and criminals are the victims of the law-abiding Americans. Criminals must be protected. Mass looting is fine.

Do not defend yourself or we will imprison you or at least bankrupt you.

Voting rights means letting Democrats have all the rights and no voter ID ever.

Deep state, the one that admitted to working to oust Donald Trump, is a conspiracy theory.

Transgenders can rape women.

J6 is 911, WWII, the Civil War, an insurrection, all wrapped into one, not a riot of a bunch of non-criminals and paraders.

Oh, and don’t forget, we have the same abortion laws as North Korea. Kill that baby to the moment of birth and wear a t-shirt showing how proud you are to have done it.

God bless America. Oh, no wait, I can’t say that. It might offend someone.

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