Rutgers Admin Flee As Pro-Hamas Radicals Terrorize Students


Pro-Hamas protesters at Rutgers went out of control and disrupted a Town Hall meeting demanding Rutgers University cut ties with Tel Aviv University. According to Fox News Digital, the Rutgers President and administrators ran off, leaving the terrified students to fend for themselves.

The students were ranting the usual hateful anti-Semitic slogans, such as “one solution, intifada revolution,” and “We don’t want two states!” “Long live the Intifada!”

Rutgers President Jonathan Holloway and administrators “ran away,” “leaving behind the Jewish/pro-Israel students to deal with an unruly and obviously antisemitic crowd, whose attention turned to the Jews after the administration left.” 

Cory Rothbort, an attorney with Mazie Slater & Freeman, who is representing student Rivka Schafer along with another student, called it a “horrifying experience” for the Jews in attendance.

If any of these radicals are students, they should be expelled, and if they’re foreigners, deported. If we keep Joe Biden and these Democrats in office, it will grow worse. They won’t just come for Jews. They will come for all of us.

It was so dangerous that police couldn’t usher the students through the front door.

Ironically, the Town Hall was held for Jewish students asking for more security on campus.

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