Obamacare Jr Is Still a ‘No’, Trump’s Coming in to Make Tweaks


Obamacare Jr still doesn’t have the votes but Rep. Sean Duffy is very optimistic because President Trump is coming in to see what tweaks have to be made to get the votes.

Speaker Ryan said President Trump and a Senate committed helped write Obamacare Jr. And the Wisconsin Republican insisted that “major components” of that bill will stay in place.

Last Tuesday, President Trump asked House Republican leadership for a handful of alterations to the Obamacare replacement bill in an attempt to bring along conservatives.

During a call with House Speaker Paul Ryan, Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Majority Whip Steve Scalise, the president supported allowing governors to impose work requirements on healthy Medicaid beneficiaries.

It’s amazing that wasn’t already part of Obamacare Sr.

Trump also reportedly floated incorporating administrative actions to deregulate the insurance industry — though such a provision may not be allowed under Senate rules.

The bill is being clobbered because of a CBO report that says 24 million will lose insurance by 2026. That’s only on the presumption they don’t buy health insurance which will hopefully be affordable for all. If people don’t want to buy it, that’s on them. That’s why it’s call insurance and not government welfare.

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