S. Carolina can’t match signatures on ballots


A federal judge ruled Tuesday that South Carolina must count mail ballots even if voters’ signatures don’t match those on file, as long as officials are otherwise satisfied with the ballot.

The ruling on Oct. 27 by U.S. District Judge Richard Gergel, an appointee of President Barack Obama, called on the state to review and reprocess ballots that have mismatched signatures that have been rejected or set aside, according to several local news websites.

“Previously, voters who submitted a ballot with a mismatched signature were not notified of the issue nor given an opportunity to fix it before their ballot was tossed out,” the League of Women Voters of South Carolina, the organization that filed the lawsuit, said in a statement.

Any county election boards that want to match signatures have to first go to the court and obtain permission, Gergel said, adding that the officials then have to allow voters to correct the signature, according to The State newspaper.

Allegedly, there are no rules in place for matching signatures.

District Judge Richard Mark Gergel said the practice places “a significant burden” on voting rights and that there is no clear standard for matching signatures.

The problem is there isn’t enough time to check the signatures, and once they are accepted, the ballot is separated from the envelope with the signature. There is no way to go back and cancel it if it’s illegitimate. There is a time limit on counting these ballots, and there simply isn’t enough time to do all this checking.

In New York, a Democrat lawyer and a Republican lawyer watches every absentee ballot and mediate every rejection.

We bring these to court in New York, and the liberal judges make a decision very quickly. They usually just divvy them up.

The other problem is more than 100 million ballots were sent without being requested. Who got them? Who is signing these ballots and sending them back?

Democrats brought the suit, and they want to turn South Carolina blue.

Check out the following video:

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Thought Oven On Broil
Thought Oven On Broil
3 years ago

Will the UN be called in to monitor election integrity as the controlled demolition of the republic continues?
The USA is the last obstacle to the global soviet.
That is why the COVID-1984 Sharia is being used to erase individuality and quaint notions about personal freedom.