S Korea condemns Bolton’s book! Facts are “greatly distorted,” sets a “dangerous precedent”


South Korea says John Bolton’s claims on Korean nuclear talks in his memoir are ‘distorted.’ The South Korean government has rejected claims made in former national security adviser John Bolton’s new book as distorted, warning that the book’s publication sets a dangerous precedent, Newsweek reports.


On Monday, Chung Eui-yong, South Korea’s national security chief, said in a statement that much of the claims made by President Donald Trump’s former national security adviser in his book “does not reflect the exact facts” and are “greatly distorted.”

Chung also said Bolton’s book “violates the basic principles of diplomacy and can seriously undermine trust in future negotiations.” The book is scheduled for publication on Tuesday but media outlets have released excerpts, according to World Report.

Bolton’s memoir, the name of which we will not post, cites three meetings Bolton attended, the last one being the failed encounter, some say was embarrassing.

The book includes details of the third and ill-fated summit in Hanoi, Vietnam. The two sides could not reach a deal on sanctions relief and denuclearization.


In the book, Bolton alleges that South Korean President Moon Jae-in had pushed an unrealistic “unification” agenda during talks between the three nations.

South Korean national security adviser Chung Eui-yong dismissed the claim in a statement, Reuters reported. “It does not reflect accurate facts and substantially distorts facts,” Chung said of Bolton’s book.

Chung did not go into detail, but said its publication had set a “dangerous precedent.” He added, “Unilaterally publishing consultations made based on mutual trust violates the basic principles of diplomacy and could severely damage future negotiations.”

The Hanoi summit fell apart when Trump rejected Kim’s offer to dismantle North Korea’s main Yongbyon nuclear research facility. Kim wanted some sanctions lifted in exchange.

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darla martin
darla martin
3 years ago

Bolton lacks any kind of honor or integrity.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
3 years ago

Bolton chose to end his career with dishonor. The coup is very, very deep.

I notice he calls Trump incompetent. There is nothing more incompetent than Bolton’s urging the US to invade Iraq in 2002. Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11. Iraq had no WMDs. We lost thousands of soldiers to handmade cheap bombs. We spent hundreds of billions and in the end Iraq was worse off while middle east extremism surged. The repubs lost the house and senate over Iraq.

Notice that Barr was unable to get the court to block this book, how incredibly irresponsible. Has Barr done anything right?

billybob texas
billybob texas
3 years ago

Bolton is a WAR-MONGER. He would have been happy bombing the sh!t our of anyone who didn’t respond to America’s desires. Numerous countries, numerous times. He wouldn’t be happy until we are in WW 3.
His thoughts and ideas are NOT wanted by Trump – nor ANY thinking person.
Buh-Bye !! And good riddance.