San Diego Schools will drop grades so black students do better


The San Diego School system will eliminate the grading system that measures how students are doing. Grades are apparently racist. The school system plans to go to standards-based measures instead of using grades. The vague, arbitrary standards system will allow teachers to merely say they reached targets or not.

This is one more empty gesture that will do nothing to improve the lot of black children. Not requiring them to measure up is racist. Why don’t these educators figure out how to better educate the children instead?

The new changes came in response to data that showed disparities between the percentage of white and minority students who received D or F grades, the San Diego Union-Tribune reported.

Late work and behavior will not weigh into grades. It’s unclear, but it seems quizzes, homework, essays, participation, attendance won’t carry much weight, if any.

SDUSD Vice President Richard Barrera said the overhaul represents the district’s “honest reckoning.”

“If we’re actually going to be an anti-racist school district, we have to confront practices like this that have gone on for years and years,” Barrera said. “I think this reflects a reality that students have described to us, and it’s a change that’s a long time coming.”

It seems more racist to let children slide and not educate them, so they get the Ds instead of Fs. Black children can learn just like white children. These educators need to work harder and stop making silly policy decisions. They’re racist because they are relinquishing their obligation to educate. It’s insulting to black children.

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