San Francisco, From Idyllic to City Most People Flee


Woke San Francisco was arguably the most beautiful city in America, but no one wants to go there anymore. Crime is not dealt with, and it’s growing exponentially.

CNN was forced to confront the disastrous level of thievery allowed in San Francisco, a once beautiful and perfectly safe city.

The shoplifting problem has become so bad in San Francisco that CNN witnessed three thefts in 30 minutes while reporting.

At the start of the segment, heavy chains and padlocks are shown locking up the freezer section to prevent theft, just one example of stores’ extreme measures to protect their merchandise.

According to Townhall, months earlier, CNN reported that the “numbers” don’t support store claims that shoplifting is a national crisis.

CNN Reporter Kyung Lah: Here’s what Anna-Maja and I saw at San Francisco’s Richmond area Walgreens, the worst spot of all 9,000 US Walgreens for theft, per the company. We watched three– and grabbed a video of this shoplifter walking out right in front of us.

Democrats keep voting for lawlessness, and this is what you get. Stop feeling sorry for criminals and people who won’t get the help they need. Feel sorry for their victims. And get rid of the sanctuary status.

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