Sanctuary City New York Walling Off & Securing Its New Year’s Party


The Big Apple, a bastion of liberal/progressive ideology and proud sanctuary city is about to enjoy the kind of perimeter protection against potentially dangerous, unscreened, unwanted visitors, that President Trump could only wish for on our southern border.

Why the dramatic change of heart and policy from a bunch of deep blue politicians? They’re terrified at the thought of a worse case scenario taking place in Times Square on their watch.

Given that, those lefty pols are happily accepting every defense available aimed at protecting 2 million revelers celebrating the traditional crystal ball drop in New York this New Years Eve’s.

Here are just some of the precautions being implemented. There will be a massive law enforcement presence, 1,225 surveillance cameras, NYPD drones, and a limited number of designated entry points, where everyone will be searched.

But the ironic jewel in this crown of security may well be the use of blocker cars, concrete barriers, and dump trucks filled with tons of sand; all of which are designed to make vulnerable city neighborhoods virtually impenetrable. What this means is we now have a bunch of open borders hypocrites enthusiastically applauding large sections of Manhattan literally being walled off.

But wait! For weeks President Trump and the rest of us have been loudly lectured by Democrats claiming that drones and other forms of modern technology hold all the answers. Walls are too expensive, immoral, and just don’t work, don’t you know.
Yet, somehow when it was potentially their fanny in the fire, local Dems got squeamish about an over reliance on all the fancy technical gizmos they’d deemed plenty good enough along an increasingly dangerous Mexican/American border.

Here’s the moral of this little story. It’s perfectly fine for nervous, self-interested, two-faced Democrats to boast of using Trump-like security policies to protect a couple of million party goers on January 31, 2018; so long as they can continue calling him a xenophobe for wanting to do same thing, on a much larger scale, in order to safeguard the lives of 320 million Americans.

You can’t make this stuff up, cause you don’t have to.

Wishing all a healthy, safe, and Happy New Year! May God continue to bless America in 2019!

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Anthony Stark
4 years ago

I recently heard that various LIBs have been faithfully repeating the talking point given them by Party Central, which states that Trump’s border wall is “a 14th century solution to a 21st century problem.”

Yes, walls are certainly an old solution to keeping people from trespassing where they should not be… then again, a wheel is also an old solution to help you get from one place to another.

Based on Liberal pretzel logic, should we be pushing for removing tires from our cars and replacing them with politically correct RUBBER CUBES?

4 years ago

And on top of it all, with all that rain that’s expected, “no umbrellas are allowed.” “Shariah districts” but “no umbrellas.” I laugh and shake my head each time some stupid New Yorker says the words, “stay woke.” The dummies have no idea.

A belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you, Sara. May 2019 be a heck of an improvement over the past few months. (One can always hope, better yet pray.)

Blessings my friend.

Frank S.
Frank S.
4 years ago
Reply to  bydesign001

That’s right! No umbrellas! No back backs either. Guess the rain will keep them “woke” through midnight. Great points bydesign001.

Joe D'Uva
Joe D'Uva
4 years ago

Keep the Faith Everyone….Buckle up cause the ride is going to get more bumpy!!!! The Left is in “meltdown” mode….they will get more dangerous. They will expose their colors brighter and brighter!!!
To you “on the fence” democrats…#WALKAWAY!

William August
William August
4 years ago

The hypocrisy is certainly rampant throughout the Left-Leaning notables that continue to object to President Trump’s call for funding for a wall on the southern border. Many of them have walls around their own properties. The Vatican has a wall around it, but the Pope says we should not have one. They use wall-like tactics at major events like New Year’s eve in NY City. Nancy Pelosi has a wall, so does Maxine Waters and most Hollywood stars homes. The list goes on and on. Hillary, Schumer and many other prominent Democrats have voted to fund a wall in the recent past. The problem is not a wall… it’s because it’s Trump’s wall!!!! The funding is a minor amount in today’s budgetary climate. Cut the crap, Dems and fund the wall so we can greatly reduce the drugs, human trafficking and the inpouring of illegal aliens!!!