Sanctuary States Investigate Law Enforcement Officers for Turning Illegal Felons over to ICE


In Washington and in Oregon, law enforcement officers are being investigated for cooperating with ICE on the arrest and deportation of illegal alien felons.

In Washington state, Governor Inslee has ordered an investigation of a state trooper because he stopped a man who turned out to be a felon deported four times and who was wanted by ICE.

Washington is a sanctuary state and the governor doesn’t want his officers cooperating with ICE at all.

According to Q13 Fox, the incident began on February 9th when the Trooper, who was not identified, did a routine check of a driver’s license during a traffic crash on I-5.  That driver’s license belonged to Armando Chavez Corona, whose car was hit during a multi-vehicle collision.

When Corona’s driver’s license was checked, which is standard procedure for officers to do when investigating car crashes, a warning came back from federal authorities that Corona was a deported felon, and that he was wanted for an outstanding felony warrant.  The warning asked that federal agents be contacted if Corona was located.

Armando Chavez Corona, a Mexican citizen, was first convicted and deported in 1996 for possession of a controlled substance and three other times for illegal re-entry.

Democrats are only concerned about his family losing their felon family member.

In Oregon, three weeks ago the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office opened an internal affairs investigation into Deputy Larry Wenzel, after WW reported he had coordinated with federal immigration officers in violation of the county’s sanctuary policy.

The Portland Tribune reported several more cases where county deputies apparently violated the policy by tipping Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers to the whereabouts of suspected undocumented immigrants who had not been convicted of crimes.

In one of the emails obtained by the Tribune in a public records request, Deputy Keith Fisher helped ICE Deportation Officer Jeffrey Chan track down Stepan Starodubtsev, a 25-year-old man who had been arrested for theft and trespass.

Oh, gee, we wouldn’t want to lose him

This is completely lawless and these politicians should be arrested but that’s not the America we live in. We live in a lawless society. Democrats have politicized and nationalized issues that should be non-partisan.


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