Saudi Arabia Invites China to Visit as Biden Destroys Ties


Saudi Arabia, the largest U.S. export market in the Middle East, has invited Chinese President Xi to visit Riyadh as relations with the U.S. have begun to falter since Joe Biden was elected, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Biden is pushing Saudi Arabia into China’s arms with Russia and India.

Saudi Arabia is angry about their treatment under the Biden regime which supports Iran and won’t support them in Yemen. There are other reasons and as the biggest exporter of oil, they are now considering moving to petroyuan over petrodollars. They are frustrated with the rules changing with each new US administration.

According to a report from CNN, U.S. intelligence agencies have assessed that Saudi Arabia is now actively manufacturing its own ballistic missiles with the help of China.

After Afghanistan, it has become clear that the US doesn’t look like a superpower and our allies are jumping.

Joe Biden is considering a trip to Saudi Arabia to beg them for more oil while refusing to pump oil and frack gas in the US.

Saudis won’t listen. They won’t even answer his calls, nor will the UAE, although Psaki denied that report. It is Biden’s party that demonized them over the death of a Saudi traitor.

Now, Saudi Arabia has invited Xi Jinping to visit Riyadh with the intention of strengthening ties with Beijing.

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