Saudi Arabia Joining BRICS Spells the End of the Petrodollar


Saudi Arabia’s cabinet on Tuesday approved a memorandum awarding Riyadh the status of dialogue partner in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO).  SCO is a political, security, and trade alliance.

China, Russia, India, Pakistan, and four other central Asian nations are members.

Asia is rising, and Biden is destroying the US.

Saudi Arabia plans to join BRICS.

That is the end of our petrodollar, the source of our wealth. We won’t be able to print money any longer and are left with $32 trillion in debt.

It won’t end well for the United States.

Saudi Arabia and the UAE are eager to join BRICS. It spells curtains for us. The West is a paper tiger and never should have weaponized SWIFT, but they did, and it’s a tragedy for the United States.

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