Schiff & Brennan call Magas ‘domestic terrorists,’ only 1 Dem stands up for Magas


Ben Domenech, the co-founder of the Federalist, says Hill chatter indicates Republican Senators who are up in 2022 increasingly fear primary challenges on the basis of supporting McConnell as the Senate leader. One commented, “He’s setting us up and he doesn’t seem to even realize it, or he just doesn’t care.”

Mitch McConnell is very busy blaming DJT for losing the Senate, but he did more to lose the Senate by denying the handout to the struggling Georgians. He’s infuriated with DJT and hasn’t decided if he will convict him during his trial.

While people like Mitt Romney and Liz Cheney are playing into the hands of the Democrats and their little game, John Brennan and Adam Schiff are calling 74 million Americans “domestic terrorists.”

McConnell, our leader, couldn’t care less. He hates us too.

Oddly, the one person of character standing up for Trump and his supporters is Tulsi Gabbard.

She’s calling on Joe Biden to denounce Brennan and Schiff for lashing out at patriotic Americans and trying to say that they’re “domestic terrorists.”

Joe, of course, is busy crashing tens of thousands of jobs, canceling the border wall, and opening borders, funding abortions everywhere, enshrining Roe vs. Wade into law, destroying the oil and gas industry, destroying women’s sports, forcing soldiers to sleep on garage floors, and looking for wars in the Middle East.

You can watch the video below:



  1. I didn’t agree with a number of Tulsi’s policies but she was the only one to stand up to both Harris and Biden and shred them along with standing up to Hillary. and giving her one hell of a smack down. Tulsi is a bright articulate woman who stands her ground. I respect Major Gabbard for her service to our country, but also believe she choose the wrong party. I also believe a good portion of the republican party has gone to the dogs and that a new Constitutional Patriot party should be formed. The RINO’s can might as well fade into oblivion along with the Democrat Marxists neither is worth a plug nickel.

  2. Tulsi? Ohh…yeaahh! Will she leave the CPUSA plantation or has she already?
    He’s setting us up, at least they aren’t all clueless.
    Comrade Turkey Neck (CCP) will be off to his fresh water hideout and leave you holding the empty bag.
    Choose wisely.

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