Schiff warns of Russia attacking the US mainland


The second day of the impeachment trial was a carbon copy of day one and just as boring. But there were some fun moments, like the moment Adam Schiff warned of Russia attacking the U.S. mainland.

Mind you, Russia has the economy of New Jersey. That would certainly be quite a bold move on their part.

At one point, Schiff said that military aid to Ukraine was essential so the U.S. would not have to fight Russians at home, as soldiers did in the videogame “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.”

“As one witness put it during our impeachment inquiry, the United States aids Ukraine and her people so that we can fight Russia over there, and we don’t have to fight Russia here,” Schiff said, making a fool of himself even among Democrats, Fox reported.


His comments are ODD since Barack Obama gave zippo in military aid to Ukraine. He sent them blankets. This whole thing is absurd. The President is the one who made sure they received military aid. President Trump simply doesn’t want our military aid going down a black hole.

He saw the Democrat corruption in the 2016 election and he saw the Biden corruption. As President, he has an obligation under the law to guarantee that aid is used properly.

Remember when Democrats mocked Republicans using so-called jingoistic language?


Schiff and his Democrat criminals decided to delegitimize the 2016 election and now they are doing the same with the 2020 election. Their goal from day one was to dehumanize the President and make him an object of scorn as Alinskyites do. In the end, they simply want to take the ballot out of the hands of the voters.

There is no evidence Russia has this kind of power, but China does. They won’t care about China interfering since that nation would do much better on trade deals with Democrats and have no use for President Trump.

Ukrainians did interfere in our 2016 election. That is a fact. Two Ukrainians went to jail for interfering.


Schiff doesn’t want the voters to get a chance to vote the President back into office or at least if they do, he wants to be sure the President is damaged as much as possible.


Aaron Mate, a contributor at The Nation, said, “For all the talk about Russia undermining faith in US elections, how about Russiagaters like Schiff fear-mongering w/ hysterics like this? Let’s assume Ukraine did what Trump wanted: announce a probe of Burisma. Would that delegitimize a 2020 US election? This is a joke.”


Nadler’s been acting deranged during the trial as well. He accused Republican senators of “treachery” if they don’t vote his way. Meanwhile, Democrats don’t have any crime or any evidence of a crime, just second-, third-, fourth-, fifth-hand rumors.  The Articles don’t even allege a crime.

That is the reason this should be dismissed. It’s lowering the standards for impeachment without an Amendment to the Constitution. It sets an extremely dangerous precedent. Every President who doesn’t control Congress will have to worry about impeachment.

The leftist Twitter trolls loved this, but they’re not living in reality.

We all heard from his fake witnesses during the House impeachment inquiry. The Senate’s job isn’t to retry, it’s to judge.


On Wednesday, Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), slammed Democratic impeachment manager Rep. Jerry Nadler, D-N.Y., for arguing the previous evening that senators who didn’t vote for immediate subpoenas were defying their oaths of office: “As one who is listening attentively and working hard to get to a fair process, I was offended,” Murkowski said.

She also complained about the uncomfortable chairs.

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