Schumer Demanded FBI Probe Kavanaugh, Was Mum On Wife’s Role in NYC Deadly Crash


Democrat minority leader, Chuck Schumer has deemed Brett Kavanaugh accuser’s claims against the judge as “extremely credible”.

Yes, the pathologically partisan senator has proclaimed that;  6 different FBI background checks, days of grueling testimony and an endless number of character witnesses to the contrary, Christine Blasey Ford’s 36-year-old allegation, unsupported by specific critical details such as year, time, and place, is plenty good enough for him!

Chuck wanted the FBI to “reopen” their background investigation, although he wasn’t precise as to which of those half dozens should be reopened.

Schumer demanded the feds step in and get to the bottom of this;  no matter how long it takes.  He wanted them to find all the answers, especially if there are no real answers to be found.

Seeing Senator Schumer shamelessly preening in front of friendly cameras never comes as a surprise to anyone paying attention.

But, what even Schumer watchers may not know is;15 years ago, during what would normally have been one of those classic ambulance chasing media moments Chucky lives for, he was nowhere to be found.

In the fall of 2003, there was a horrific, deadly ferry boat crash in the senator’s very own New York City.

Strangely absent, was the typical spectacle of Schumer racing for a camera and calling for an over-the-top federal look into the circumstances surrounding one of the worst public transportation disasters in NYC’s history. There was none of his usual bluster crying out for increased regulations and punishment for all those responsible. He went underground.

Why? Because hidden from public view, the key player entwined in this calamity, was one Iris Weinshall.

Here’s the story:

On Wednesday, October 15, 2003, the Andrew J. Barberi crashed full-speed in a concrete pier at St. George ferry terminal, killing 11 and injuring 165. The crash was so horrific, then-Mayor Michael Bloomberg felt compelled to issue a statement saying it was not a terrorist attack.

Facing multi-million dollar lawsuits the NYC Department of Transportation had the hard-hearted chutzpah to claim the clearly avoidable tragedy resulted from an Act of God.  Not only was that pathetic argument debunked to the tune of well over $50 million, but 5 people were charged in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York with 11 counts of seaman’s manslaughter and making false statements.

In addition, an independent federal report found fault with upper management ruling, “the lion’s share of culpability in this case as resting with the high-level management of the Ferry Service.”, given this was just the kind high profile catastrophe Senator Schumer would normally use to bleat about dramatically expanding the Fed’s role; where was Chuck?

The answer is easy if you know two things. The Commissioner of the New York City Department of Transportation was Iris Weinshall. Iris Weinshall was Senator Schumer’s wife. If this was unknown at the time it’s not the reader’s fault. The power couple was very careful covering their tracks. In July of 2006 Iris, as a defendant in a related lawsuit, went so far as to have the hyphenated Schumer part of her Weinshall-Schumer name removed and both were virtually unreachable for comments regarding the deadly accident.

While others were disciplined, fired and/or served jail terms Ms. Wesinshall had the remarkable good fortune to serve in that position for another four years. She then took a job at the City University of New York, ironically tasked with overseeing the planning, building, and maintenance of physical structures.

A running joke has been the most dangerous place to be standing in between a camera and Chuck Schumer. On October 15, 2003, literally, the most dangerous place to be standing was on ferry under the control of a NYC agency headed by Mrs. Charles Schumer.

If Schumer continues his factually unfounded vendetta against an honorable Brett Kavanaugh, the Dem pol should be reminded of events 15 years ago that drove him to keep his mouth shut.


  1. Thank you for bringing this out so that we can All spread the word and hopefully impact these holier than thou hypocrites!!!!
    Let’s go New York!!! START SPREADING THE NEWS!!!!!

  2. I too remember the ferry disaster… but not that Schumer’s wife was involved in ferry management or that she was implicated… or that she dropped the hyphenated Schumer part of her name. This is typical cover up activity by the Democrats teaming up with the mainstream press, and doesn’t surprise me in the least. Schumer is a master manipulator of the truth when it suits his needs and a horrendous hypocrite of major proportions. I believe NOTHING he says because it is so often incorrect and untruthful. He, along with Gillebrand and Andrew Cuomo make me embarrassed to be a NY resident. Oh, for the days of Jim Buckley!!!!

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