This Is Why Schumer Is Forcing Republicans to Blow Up the 60-Vote Rule for Neil Gorsuch


Democrat senators Joe Manchin of West Virginia, Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota and Joe Donnelly of Indiana all announced they would vote for Neil Gorsuch, Donald Trump’s neutral Supreme Court nominee. These three are up for re-election in Republican states.

They undoubtedly secured Schumer’s approval before making their tepid announcements.

Exactly 41 Democrat senators announced they will block the candidate, claiming it’s because their leftist candidate wasn’t approved during the last months of Obama’s dictatorial administration. The number 41 is the exact number needed to block and the reason the others aren’t coming out with announcements is because they don’t want it to hurt their images as Schumer prepares to demonize Republicans for breaking the 60-vote rule.

Schumer and his minions in congress say they are angry about Merrick Garland being stymied, but the real reason Schumer has decided to let the Republicans break the Byrd rule and approve Neil Gorsuch with 51 votes is more interesting.

The partisan hack from New York wants the rule broken and he wants Republicans blamed for it. Democrats were going to do it anyway so Republicans might as well move ahead. But prepare for an onslaught of acrimonious invective from the Democrat media once they do.

Schumer told Republicans to pick another candidate. He doesn’t want a neutral candidate, he wants a leftist candidate. But does anyone believe Schumer believed they would? Of course not. Schumer is looking forward to blasting Republicans for obliterating the rule requiring 60 votes.

No Supreme Court nominee has ever been filibustered. The nuclear option the Republicans will use to break the 60-vote filibuster will return the Senate to its original rule.

The arrogant New Yorker lied and said McConnell broke 200 years of precedent by not bringing up Garland. Anyone who knows the Biden Rule knows he is lying.

It’s always possible Schumer forgot who won the election or he’s conniving. We’re going with conniving.

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