Schumer, MIA During NYC’s Riots & COVID Wants Folks on the Subway @ 2 AM-You First Chuck


Schumer, MIA During NYC’s Riots & COVID Wants Folks on the Subway @ 2 AM-You First Chuck

Chuck Schumer held a Sunday presser, calling for renewed 24/7 operations of the New York City subway system.  He said, “The City That Never Sleeps has a name that we have to live up to everywhere, including within our subway service.”

“People work at 2, 3, and 4 in the morning, but subways aren’t at this point at 2, 3, 4 in the morning.”

Of course, he made his remarks, under bright sunshine, surrounded by media, in front of one of the safest subway outposts in the city.  Chuck lectured a populace suffering through a historic spike in violent crime while standing outside the Lexington Av./53rd Street station in Manhattan.

This is the same Schumer who was Missing In Action throughout virtually all of the NYC riots.  This, even as looting, assaults on police, and torching of their cars took place within walking distance of his Brooklyn Office.

A few blocks further away, two police officers were shot after another officer was stabbed in the neck during an unprovoked ambush.  Where was the Senator from the Empire State?

Chucky had pretty much the same kind of track record during the height of the COVID Crisis.  While nursing homes, literally in his neighborhood, were suffering tragic, record-setting deaths the Sunday Blusterer was nowhere to be found.

There were no weekly Sunday press conferences, that for years, had been a staple of Schumer’s lovefest with the fawning elitist media.  There were no essentially pressers at all, and certainly none from his home borough of Brooklyn.  Guessing there wasn’t a big enough desk to hide under there.

Growing up we used to call guys like Schumer, “coat holders”.  They’d be the first to hold your coat after provoking a fight they wanted no part of.

Given Chucky’s total lack of self-awareness, we shouldn’t be surprised at this ironic burst of hypocrisy.

Schumer blustered, “News flash: this is New York City. People work at 2 a.m., 3 am., 4 a.m. That’s how we are.”

What about this Senator Schumer?  How about you and yours hop on one of those subway cars heading from Brooklyn to Manhattan at 2, 3, or 4 a.m.  Act as one of your courageous fellow New Yorkers; no media, no special police detail.

You go first, Chuck.

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