Crackpot Schumer Shut Down Government for the Very Thing He Just Shut Down


Senator Chuck Schumer shut down the government to demand an open amendment process. Ironically, when Mitch McConnell put an amendment forward, he shut down the process.

He speaketh with a fork-ed tongue.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell wanted to hold a preliminary vote dealing with sanctuary cities yesterday, but Democrats blocked the vote because it did not deal directly with DACA.

They won’t discuss securing the border in any significant way, nor will they discuss illegal sanctuary jurisdictions.


Democrats have considered their options and they apparently decided it’s best to not go for the DACA offer from President Trump. It’s not really about the undocumented aliens, it’s about a talking point for the elections in November and beyond. DACA are human ping pong balls.

If Schumer gets enough Democrats in office, they can once again do whatever they want. The Constitution is no impediment for them.

The immigration debate, which began today in the Senate, is breaking down along party lines.  No bipartisan agreements will be reached.

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