Scorched! “Fake Italian” Mayor de Blasio Will NOT be Invited to Columbus Day Parade


The Mayor of New York City’s chickens have come home to roost.

The half-Italian, half-German mayor of New York City, who abandoned his German heritage and his birth name – Warren Wilhelm – for his Italian mother’s history and name, has been called a “fake Italian” by none other than a leading Italian of New York City.

Worse than that for him, he will not be invited to the Columbus Day parade. He already announced he was going to attend as one of the proud marchers.

What made this so hypocritical and unacceptable to the large Italian community in New York City is the fact that De Blasio formed a commission of hard-left people to study the tearing down of historical statues, plaques and other monuments to include Christopher Columbus.

Columbus has been depicted by the hard-left – his peeps – as offensive, racist, and a slaver, not worthy of public honors. All statues dedicated to him might soon be erased from the city land. They won’t even give him credit for being the first to provably discover America and bring civilization to the savage land.

When De Blasio had to choose between his mother’s ancestry and his hard-left voters, he chose the hard-left, but that does have consequences.

“Why would I have a mayor march who acts like Pontius Pilate. He washes his hands and puts up an 18-member committee to look at each statute,” said Tony Signorile, who runs the parade held in Morris Park.

“At this point, I think he is a fake Italian.”

Signorile and other Italian-American leaders said the panel is political correctness run amok. He also is among the leaders snubbing the mayor’s Italian Heritage reception at Gracie Mansion on Thursday, the NY Post reported.

“The mayor should have thought this through and not gone along with the rest of the liberals,” he said, claiming that the mayor followed the lead of Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito, who said the city should consider removing the Columbus statues.

De Blasio reacted to this announcement disrespectfully and without repentance, accusing the committee was politically motivated. The committee, he claimed, politicized the event.

“I’m never surprised when people for their own political motivations do something. I think the bottom line is this is an event on behalf of the entire city of New York to celebrate Italian heritage, like we have events every single month to celebrate all the people who make up this city. And I don’t think it’s something to politicize. But they have that right if that’s what they want to do,” he said.

Tony Signorile calling De Blasio a “fake Italian” is no small matter. The Italians are going to fight the removal of Columbus statues and hopefully take Communist De Blasio down instead. If we could only get similar support for the other historical monuments which the mayor and the Communist Speaker and terrorist-loving Melissa Mark-Viverito would like removed.

De Blasio does everything imaginable to placate his social justice warriors but has the gall to turn his politicization of literally everything, even statues, into an offensive against the victims. He’s supported violent Black Lives Matter riots over his own police department. He let the FALN terrorist, a friend of Viverito’s, march in the Puerto Rico Day Parade. Now he’s allowing the condemnation of Columbus, Ulysses S. Grant, Ben Franklin, George Washington, Theodore Roosevelt and others by a committee that includes the likes of Communist Harry Belafonte.

De Blasio wants all “symbols of hate” removed.

He seems willing to take on the Italians and they are very willing to take him on too.  We have a lot of big Italian families here in New York who are well-known for their business practices, if you know what I mean — how will they take it one must wonder.


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