SCOTUS rejected the Texas lawsuit – update


Update at the end

The Texas SCOTUS lawsuit was rejected this afternoon by the Court. Texas asked the “Court to recognize the obvious fact that Defendant States’ maladministration of the 2020 election makes it impossible to know which candidate garnered the majority of lawful votes.”

The Court has rejected it, and the Electors will meet on Monday to formally elect Senile Joe as president.

The AP claims the President and the states that signed onto the lawsuit were attempting to overturn the election and the votes of millions of voters. In actuality, they were attempting to overturn illegal votes, if they are indeed illegal.

The end result is that the states can do anything they want, with or without the legislature’s approval, when it comes to elections. If they want to change the rules at the last minute to help their chosen candidate, they can do that.

The AP phrased it differently. They wrote:

The lawsuit filed against Michigan, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin repeats false, disproven, and unsubstantiated accusations about the voting in four states that went for Trump’s Democratic challenger. The case demands that the high court invalidate the states’ 62 total Electoral College votes. That’s an unprecedented remedy in American history: setting aside the votes of tens of millions of people, under the baseless claim the Republican incumbent lost a chance at a second term due to widespread fraud.

Critics say states do not have the right to question the election procedures of other states. They do not have standing.

The nation will continue to be divided and when Biden and his handlers inflict socialism on Americans, matters will grow far worse. Many believe the Supreme Court should have answered the question beyond just rejecting it.

Update: Justices Alito and Thomas dissented.

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