Screenshot of the Trump Trial After Michael Cohen’s Testimony


Michael Cohen testified today, but the big moment never came. He had an audio of a conversation with Donald Trump discussing paying off hooker Karen McDougal. That’s not a crime.

One witness, a worker at the Trump organization, admitted on the stand that he decided to label the payments as legal payments.

Cohen is a convicted liar and tax cheat shopping a Netflix deal called The Fixer. The evidence – communications – didn’t mention the election once. The prosecution needs that to get a conviction.

CNN correspondent Paula Reid said, “What Cohen has done, very successfully so far for prosecutors, is establish just how aware Trump was of all of these damaging stories, how involved he was in these efforts to suppress them.” That’s not a crime.

CNN’s legal analyst Elie Honig says, “I’ve never seen a witness who’s lied to Congress, who’s lied to court, who’s lied to the IRS, who’s lied to the Southern District of New York, who lied to his banker, who’s lied to his entire prosecution team…”

An MSNBC analyst, Ankush Khardori described Michael Cohen as not “cognitively fluid.” That’s a nice way to say dumb. I like it. Mr. Khardori doesn’t see Cohen holding it together during cross-examination.

The judge, prosecutors, DA, and witnesses are all conflicted. They are trying to prove Donald Trump interfered in the 2016 election and lied on his form to cover up his liaisons. None of that is a crime and could hardly qualify as election interference, even if it is true. Like this trial, the real interference is all the machinations coming from the left.

Donald Trump addressed the “scam” trial and a “terrible thing that is happening to democracy.” He read from press clippings, avoiding the gag order violation.

This flew overhead as Cohen testified:

Tommy Tuberville blasted the scheming New York prosecutors today.

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