Sean Spicer Will Take the Continued Press Beatings Until Morale Improves


Trump came out swinging

Republicans could learn a lot from President Trump. Just when the left-wing media has him cornered with fake news given to them by anonymous sources, Trump comes out swinging.

The press can’t figure out why the President is tweeting, but how else would he get any facts out? He’s trying to fight the perpetuated false narrative that is out there, Spicer said today.

A reporter quoted an anonymous FBI agent who said the next tweet shows the President is “out of control”. The question was, is he out of control? proving the White House point that the media is mostly interested in gotcha questions. Spicer refused to answer and called the question “offensive”.

The President has said Comey told him he was not under investigation which is why he tweeted this. He also believes Comey is responsible for the many leaks since before he entered office. Spicer said this isn’t a threat, it’s a fact.

The tweet that caused the furor:

It’s not Trump who is out of control, it’s the biased media.

At the presser today, reporters beat up Spicer, or tried to, over the Comey situation. The beatings will continue until they destroy everyone in the White House.

The press won’t let the Russia-Trump collusion story rest and it takes up most of the press briefings.

Apparently, Clapper, who said many times there is no evidence of Trump-Russia collusion, is now suggesting he wouldn’t know if there were any. The press wouldn’t admit the story changed and kept fighting with Spicer.

The burden of explaining the discrepancy should be on Clapper, not the White House because he is the one who changed his story, Spicer said. Spicer also pointed out that they are advocating for Clapper’s viewpoint.

The media took exception to Trump tweeting a sarcastic suggestion that pressers be canceled.

Sean Spicer explained today that the press parses every little word in a gotcha game which causes a lot of dismay in the White House. They are doing their best to give the American people information honestly, Spicer said.

Donald Trump further tweeted the following real news because the media won’t talk about it. As Trump tweeted, it is obviously a witch hunt.

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