Sec Tillerson Responds to Fake NBC News, Praises the President


An NBC ‘news’ report came out Wednesday which claimed that Rex Tillerson was so disgusted with President Trump that he called him a ‘moron’ and was thinking of quitting. The secretary debunked the story, praised the President, and gave strong support for the agenda of making America great again.

According to the fake story, Tillerson was so fed up he disparaged Trump to cabinet officials and members of the national security council at a July 20 meeting, sources told NBC News. This was in relation to the President’s speech in late July to the Boy Scouts of America, an organization Tillerson once led.

According to the fake report, tensions were so bad that Vice President Mike Pence had to step in to talk Tillerson off the ledge, the news channel reported. Pence told Tillerson to be more respectful when he speaks of Trump.

NBC News alleged they spoke with a dozen current and former senior administration officials for this article, as well as others who are close to the president. The former are probably Obama’s people and the current ones are as well, though the Politico reporter speaking on Fox after the Tillerson speech today seems to think it has to be Trump’s staff. They’re biased.

Rex Tillerson spoke to the issue this morning but not before the President tweeted.

During his seven minute speech, Secretary of State Tillerson provided a breakdown of what has been accomplished. At the same time he praised the President’s policies to which he is as committed as he was the day he started, he said. He praised Secretaries Mattis, Mnuchin and others.

Tillerson said he never considered leaving the post and VP Pence has never had to ask him to stay.

The Secretary of State said the President “puts America first”, he is “smart”, and he holds people accountable. He has learned that many in Washington will try to undermine the President and his agenda. His thoughts are “always the safety of Americans”, it’s the number one goal.

President Trump and his team move forward with one mission, Tillerson said, “to make America great again”.

When asked about having called the President a “moron”, the Secretary said he would not address the “petty stuff”, the “nonsense”, claiming he called the President a “moron”. Mr. Tillerson’s style is to ignore all ad hominem attacks aimed at him.

Tillerson likes to keep the bar high and simply does not address trite comments.

The speech focused on all they’ve accomplished and the fact that the story was false, purely aimed at hurting the President’s agenda. Tillerson said he has never considered leaving his position nor did Vice President Pence ever have to convince him to stay.

Tillerson said he had not spoken with the President today.

After Tillerson’s speech, Trump tweeted again.

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