Second Round Speaker Votes with Some Angry Republicans, McCarthy’s Already Lost


The votes have begun on the 2nd ballot for Speaker. McCarthy has already lost.

The first ballot for House Speaker failed to elect Kevin McCarthy, who earlier in the day insisted that he wouldn’t step down no matter how many ballots it took. It takes a majority to win the Speaker, and those dissenters won’t relent.

Hakeem Jeffries, a far-let looney Dem, got 212 votes, and Kevin McCarthy got 202.

Joel Pollak says Republicans look like idiots.

Jeffries would need 218 votes and five Republicans voting for him. That would blow up the Republican Party. If he did win, he would last about five minutes.

Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) angrily declared the Freedom Caucus dissenters, not opponents but outright “enemies” in an interview with CNN.

“They’re very clearly looking for notoriety over principle,” Crenshaw said. He called them “narcissists.”

Crenshaw loves Liz Cheney too, which doesn’t say much for his judgment.

I don’t know how Crenshaw can be so convinced that they’re “enemies” and “narcissists.” Who made him the character dictator? We could say a few things about his character and his own narcissism.

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