Secretary Blinken Influenced the 2020 Election with a Lie


According to the NY Post, Secretary of State Antony Blinken, an unelected bureaucrat,was behind the letter by fifty intelligence operatives falsely claiming the Hunter laptop was Russian disinformation. The information came from a top CIA source. What a snake! Last week, Blinken said that the leaked Pentagon documents hadn’t hurt foreign relations. He’s lying. They make us look corrupt.

The bombshell came from Mike Morell, former acting CIA director:

In sworn interview, Morell has admitted it was Joe Biden’s presidential campaign that prompted the infamous letter in which Morell and 50 fellow former intelligence officials falsely claimed that material from Hunter Biden’s laptop published by The Post before the 2020 election was Russian disinformation, sources in the House Judiciary Committee have confirmed.

Tony Blinken, now secretary of state, was the Biden-campaign foreign-affairs adviser who urgently phoned Morell in October 2020 to suggest the laptop was a Russian plant.

“We can prove that the entire purpose of this letter at the outset was to influence a presidential election with some of the most senior people who have ever been in our intelligence community ­using the imprimatur of their security clearances to pave the way for Joe Biden’s presidency,” Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) told Steve Bannon’s “War Room” podcast this week.

Since the Manhattan DA is persecuting Donald Trump for influencing the election by paying off Stormy, shouldn’t this be at least as serious? DA Bragg has 34 counts, felonies, against Donald Trump.

We already know from polls that the lie meant a 10% shift in votes, which would have given the election to Donald Trump.

You cannot trust any of these people in the administration.

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