Sen. Cruz is OUTRAGED, explains what caused the latest border crisis


Sen. Ted Cruz is outraged over the disaster at the southern border which is entirely Joe Biden’s fault. Biden’s recent policy is solely responsible for it.

The aliens, mostly Haitians, are crossing the river at the rate of hundreds per hour, and the crowd grew from about 4,000 on Wednesday to over 10,000 by Thursday night, when Cruz was there.

As of this report on Saturday evening, the crowd has grown to about 15,000, according to Fox News reporter Bill Melugin.

In a video posted to Twitter Thursday evening, Cruz explained why the Haitians are pouring into the United States, and who is to blame.

“We’re in Del Rio, Texas. It is September 16th. This is underneath one bridge, 10,503 illegal aliens. A mass of humanity that has crossed and is waiting to come into America,” he began.

“The reason they’re here is simple. Eight days ago, the Biden administration made a political decision to cancel deportation flights to Haiti, on September 8th. Eight days later, these numbers appeared.”

“On September 8th, underneath this bridge, there were between 700 and 1,000 people, but when the word got out that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were no longer deporting people to Haiti, suddenly everyone who was here called their friends and their family, and the numbers surged to 10,503,” he continued.

“What we are seeing here, this is wrong. This is inhumane, and this is entirely caused by Joe Biden and Kamala Harris,” Cruz declared.


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2 years ago

14,000 future Democrat voting welfare recipients…. The Democrats are importing illegal aliens and promising entitlements on the tax payers dime to increase their voting base.

2 years ago

There’s a much bigger problem. The Government has lost track of thousands of Children. Where are these children? Most likely they are enslaved in the Cartel Child Sex trade in California, New York, and other Democrat run States and Cities. The Cartels make a lot of money on the Child Sex Trade which means a lot of bribe money for protection. Then of course, the Traitor Joe FBI and Justice Department is taking a pass. After all, these are just Illegal Alien Children who can’t vote anyway. What kind of degenerates look the other way when children go missing and become subject to this kind of abuse? You have to be a really sick person to be a Proud Democrat and vote for these Communist and low life Scumbags. There is a lot of sick, mentally ill people in America, but they are easy to identify; they are registered Democrats.

Tony Montana vs. Columbians
Tony Montana vs. Columbians
2 years ago

Similar to the 1980 Liberty City suburb of Miami with Cubans living under I-95.
The CPUSA wing of the Uniparty has been Long Marching for decades to burn it all down by any means necessary.
At least we know what we are getting with the true believers, the Grand Old Politburo are decepticon RATS with the faux opposition party schtick.