Sen. Cruz Warns Americans of the Risk of a Terrorist Attack


Ted Cruz was on Chris Salcedo’s show this afternoon and discussed the billions that the Biden Democrats gave Iran. As reported, it wasn’t just $6 billion. He also gave $10 billion to Iran in June. Biden’s also refusing to follow the sanctions that would have prevented Iran from exporting two million barrels of oil a day.

Senator Cruz told Salcedo, “That [ignoring sanctions] produced upwards of $40 billion for the Ayatollah that is funding these attacks directly, and then on top of all that, the Biden administration came in and immediately wanted to send hundreds of billions of dollars to Gaza, even if it will be used by Hamas for terror attacks. By the way, one of those Democrats who urged Biden to spend hundreds of millions of dollars… is my likely Democrat opponent in the Texas Senate race…”

The Biden administration concluded explicitly that it was highly likely that if they sent the money to Gaza, that money would be used to commit acts of terror and then waved antiterrorism laws because they wanted to send the money anyway.”

They discussed the Omnibus that funded the Pelosi-Schumer agenda and the flooding of illegal crossers at our border.

Watching what’s unfolding in Israel, Cruz said, “I think there is a very significant risk we will see a major act of terror in the United States committed by individuals on the terror watch list committed by radical Islamic terrorists who have crossed our open border on the southern border because Joe Biden and the Democrats refused to secure the borders.

And if this war in Israel escalates, if Hezbollah to the north of Israel gets involved and it becomes a broader war in Israel, I think the chances of American terrorism rise significantly. And with every terrorist Joe Biden let into this country, we are at greater and greater risk of another terrorist attack, potentially on the scale of 9/11, except now in 2023.”

They also talked about the irony of Democrats claiming they’re protecting democracy.

Cruz said, “… whatever Democrats accuse others of doing, they’re almost invariably doing themselves. Every single time Democrats used a phrase like ‘save democracy,’ what they really mean is elect Democrats. In their view, anything that elects Republicans is an attack on democracy, and anything that ensures the Democrats stay in power is saving democracy.”

He added that “Democrats hate democracy.”

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