Sen. Cruz’s “Horrific” Experience at the Border


Senator Ted Cruz said he was horrified at the border during a midnight patrol when he saw a 10-year-old girl with a man who said he was her father, and it was obvious to anyone who’s ever seen a father and daughter that these two were not related.

He witnessed a conversation with the 10-year-old in which she was asked about her mother. She looked at the man, who was claiming to be her dad, wondering what the answer should be.

Joe Biden‘s administration supports this. On June 1, ordered CBP to stop all DNA testing of so-called families at the border. The administration is aiding and abetting child sex and labor trafficking. In the fiscal year 2023, Customs and Border Protection counted 137,275 unaccompanied alien children at the border. There are reports of 80,000 missing UACs.

Cruz said, “I have a simple message for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and every Democrat senator,” Cruz said. “Come to the border, come to the Rio Grande Valley, come out on midnight patrol, and look in the eyes of the little children who are suffering from these inhumane policies. This is horrific. This is wrong. And the people of South Texas know this is an utter disaster.”

Cruz said that lawmakers have introduced numerous pieces of legislation to prevent migrants [illegal aliens] from entering the US legally, but this administration continues to defy the law. “That’s what’s causes this crisis,” he said.

[That and all the freebies they’re given. About that replacement theory…]

A total of 85,000 children are missing and the NY Times know where they are – with labor traffickers:

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