Sen Johnson wants answers from FBI – might as well watch grass grow


Senator Ron Johnson wants to know what Christopher Wray, the FBI Director knows about the Hunter laptop/Biden emails. One question he has is when did he know it and why would he keep it quiet during the impeachment.

Andy Biggs (R-AZ) and 18 of his House Republicans sent a letter to the FBI Director Wray demanding answers on the 15th.

DNI Ratcliffe confirmed that there is no intelligence operation and the laptop emails are for real.

Hunter using his father’s role to collect huge sums of money from foreign governments. We have a second stream of emails from a former partner of Hunter Biden’s and Devon Archer’s.

We now have evidence that shows Hillary Clinton concocted the Russia-Trump scandal to divert attention from her home-brewed server.

Joe Biden earned almost 20 million dollars in the two years after he left office. Is anyone looking into this? Hello, where are the FBI and CIA?

The FBI mishandled the Weiner laptop and they can’t be trusted to investigate or prosecute any of their protected class in D.C. Did Barr know about the Hunter laptop and if so, why not?



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