Sen Loeffler will not be intimidated by the cancel culture (fascism)


Senator Kelly Loeffler of Georgia delivered a farewell address on the Senate floor Tuesday. She tore into the cancel culture and “dangerous narratives” on her way out. The cancel culture is actually fascism and we should start calling it what it is.

“The American people are alarmed by the effort to censor conservative voices. We’re witnessing a constitutional crisis that threatens to erode the First Amendment and silence people across our country,” Loeffler said.

“As a Republican, a conservative American who still believes in the Constitution and the core principles on which our country was founded, I refused to be intimidated by the cancel culture, and its dangerous narratives. However, not every American feels free to speak up. Their voices are being lost,” she continued.



  1. Loeffler is another complete phony, who was handed the senate job because of her powerful husband and Trump hater Kemp. She could not beat a far out leftist in Georgia. If she were so worried about cancel culture she would not have voted for the defense bill which included section 230. She was afraid to vote on the override because she was up for the runoff election a few days later. She chose to not support the President on the section 230 but now she whines about cancel culture.

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