Breaking…Sen. Paul “We Know for Sure the Obama Administration Did Spy on Flynn”


If people are questioning whether or not Donald Trump was wiretapped or surveilled, they might want to listen to this next interview with Senator Paul. He has a solution for it – start putting them in jail.

George Stephanopoulos interviewed Senator Rand Paul, a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, on This Week Sunday. Paul told him “we know for sure the Obama administration did spy on Flynn”.

General Hayden admitted that the lowest level analysts can unmask Americans and the ones who leaked need to go to jail, he said further.

Stephanopoulos asked:

“Finally, sir, you’re also a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. We see the president standing by that claim about President Obama. It’s caused a rift now with British intelligence over the weekend. How big a problem is this for the president’s credibility? How does he fix it?”

Paul gave him an answer the abc news commentator probably didn’t expect.

“I think that we know one thing for sure, that the Obama administration did spy on Flynn. Now, whether it was direct or indirect, somebody was reading and taking — a transcript of his phone calls and then they released it.”

He continued.

“It is very, very important that whoever released that go to jail, because you cannot have members of the intelligence community listening to the most private and highly classified information and then releasing that to The New York Times.”

Stephanopoulos asked him if he believed Obama wiretapped Trump, expecting ‘no’ for an answer.

“Well, what happens is it’s different than that,” Paul said. “We target foreigners all the time, but they talk to Americans. They talk to the president. They talk to the national security advisers. And they’re supposed to be masked.”

“But there was something alarming the other day.”

“General Hayden admitted that people all the way down to some of the lowest analysts can unmask who the American is. So, someone unmasked General Flynn and they’re a low-level analyst, we need to be looking at their computer and find out if they unmasked that conversation and if they spoke with The New York Times you have got to put those people in jail, because you cannot allow this to happen, or we will have presidents being blackmailed or national security advisers being blackmailed.”

It’s a very serious national security breach.

“This is a huge, huge problem, bigger than anything else that’s being discussed is the fact that private conversations from the intelligence community’s perspective are being leaked to the press. That’s not like a leak that says, oh, the president watches TV in his bathrobe, this is important to national security, you can’t let it happen.”

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