Sen. Shaheen Intimidates SCOTUS, Warning of ‘Revolution’ If They Overturn Roe


Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, D-N.H, basically threatened the Supreme Court days before oral arguments in a landmark abortion case. She claims that a “revolution” will take place if the high court overturns existing precedent.

That could be true with the lunatics on the Left.

During a virtual event, Monday featuring New Hampshire’s entire House and Senate delegation, WMUR reporter Adam Sexton asked Shaheen if the reaction might be muted. Shaheen asserted that nothing would be muted about the reaction to a possible overturning of that decision.

The Supreme Court’s current makeup – a 6-3 majority of justices appointed by Republicans – has led to speculation that they might overturn Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton, which allows abortion to the moment of birth on demand. It allows it.

Mississippi’s Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health challenges Roe by banning abortion after 15 weeks.

“I hope the Supreme Court is listening to the people of the United States because – to go back to Adam Sexton’s question – I think if you want to see a revolution go ahead, outlaw Roe v. Wade and see what the response is of the public, particularly young people,” Shaheen said. “Because I think that will not be acceptable to young women or young men.”

“Threatening the Supreme Court with “revolution” in the Dobbs case is grossly irresponsible and wrong,” Republican Senator Josh Hawley tweeted. “This is another deliberate attempt by a Democrat Senator to intimidate the Court and undermine the constitutional separation of powers.”

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2 years ago

Sen Shaheen, take a fire hose up your nose and then go to the Federal Penitentiary, you Floozy, communist.