Sen. Tuberville…”We’ve Lost the UK, France, Italy, Sweden”


Sen. Tommy Tuberville has become a fighter for Republicanism and borders. He’s had enough, or his constituents have. During an interview with Rob Schmitt on Newsmax this week, he stood against open borders.

“Europe has been overrun by immigration – the last ten years,” the Senator said. “It’s just become noticeable now to everybody across the world how we’ve lost the UK, France, Italy. Sweden – they have bombings every day, and it used to be a quiet little country, but they’ve allowed all these people to come in, and they don’t assimilate. They don’t want to go with the culture… they don’t want to go by anything …they don’t go by the laws.

“But they’re globalists, and that’s what we’ve got here. And the Biden administration  – they are all globalists. They want to have no borders. They want everybody to come and be part of what we have, and that’s not what we’re about.

Referencing the Prime Minister of Hungary, Sen. Tuberville said he “was exactly right. he is a guy that understands what’s going on. And I heard a speech recently from Vladimir Putin. He’s laughing at us… he’s laughing at the United States of America, saying that we don’t have morals anymore …we don’t have borders anymore, and this is the president of Russia laughing at the United States of America.

“The United States of America ought to be ashamed of ourselves that this administration could care less. They want everybody to come in, and it’s costing American taxpayers billions of dollars.”

Newsmax host Rob Schmitt agreed and said Putin’s weaponized it. “For the man they’re so afraid of, they sure are doing them a lot of favors,” he said.

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