Senator Graham Tells CNN Who Is Opposed to the Troop Pullouts


Senator Lindsey Graham announced to CNN’s Kate Bolduan who in Trump’s orbit is opposed to pulling out the troops. He urged the President not to withdraw and come up with a plan that is conditions-based.

Graham spoke with Nick Pompeo, and he does not support the pullout nor does John Bolton. Mattis is on firm ground when he says it’s not time, Graham said.

Mr. Jim Jeffries, our special envoy for Syria, announced just 48 hours ago that we are not going to leave. ISIS is not defeated, and there are still 20 to 30,000 insurgents left. Abandoning the Kurds now will hurt us down the road, the senator added.

While President Trump can do what he believes is right, so could President Obama, said the senator from South Carolina.

“General Obama turned out to not be such a good general; I don’t think General Graham is going to be a great general; I don’t think General Trump is going to be a great general,” he said.

The people around him are the most talented Graham has seen in the last twenty years, and he wants them to listen to them.


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