Senator Rand Paul Explains the President’s Obamacare Executive Orders to a Reporter


Senator Rand Paul spoke with a reporter yesterday and explained what President Trump’s Obamacare executive orders will mean in reality. It’s not the Armageddon promised by the media.

It’s meant to make things better for Americans and it will not steal insurance from poor people. [They are covered under another part of the bill]

The President’s orders permit free market competition to lower prices dramatically and improve care as well as getting government out of peoples’ healthcare.

The senator told reporters, “Well, it’s going to allow individuals to join associations across state lines and purchase their insurance. What it might allow is millions of people to get insurance [and] by the leverage of size to lower their price.”

He gave an example of the National Restaurant Association and its two million restaurants and fifteen million employees. He believes the negotiating strength of those millions repeated time after time across the nation would be “perhaps the biggest free market reform of healthcare in a generation or more.”

The Bloomberg reporter was concerned the Obamacare exchanges might not survive, but they aren’t going to survive anyway. Why doesn’t he know that?

Paul told him, “I’m for everyone leaving the Obamacare exchanges, they’re a “terrible place.”

“Nobody should have to buy insurance by themselves, says Paul. “The individual marketplaces are a terrible place to be.”

“This will provide us an exit ramp,” says Paul, “so people can get group insurance, like people at General Motors or Toyota. This is what big corporations get. Now small groups and small individuals will be able to get the same kind of insurance that big groups get.”

Rand Paul wants everyone out of the individual markets. This is the exit ramp to something better though it won’t be without some pain.

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