Sens. Murkowski and Collins Could Leave the GOP


Rep. Mike Gallagher has decided to leave in April. He decided on that date to give the House a one-person majority. If he left now, his constituents could hold a special election, but leaving in April denies them that opportunity. The Democrats are going to fill one of their seats, and there goes the majority.

Also, at a time when Republicans might win the Senate. Lisa Murkowski might leave the Republican Party, and Susan Collins is rumored to be considering the same move.

The swamp won’t let Donald Trump run the country, even if he wins. Yet, who is complaining about the dictator in the Oval Office who is clearly following Barack Obama’s orders?

Sometimes, I wonder if people like Murkowski and Gallagher see the handwriting on the wall and are surrendering because it benefits them. Granted, they hate Donald Trump, but doesn’t the country come first?

Senator Lisa Murkowski and potentially Senator Susan Collins, who are barely Republicans, are considering leaving the Republican Party if Donald Trump is the candidate.

When asked if she would become an Independent, Murkowski said, “Oh, I think I’m very independent-minded.” She added, “I just regret that our party is seemingly becoming a party of Donald Trump.”

Pressed on if that meant she might become an independent, Murkowski said: “I am navigating my way through some very interesting political times. Let’s just leave it at that.”

Senator Susan Collins says she will not endorse Donald Trump, even if he becomes the Republican Party’s nominee for president.

As a result, people are spreading rumors that she is also thinking of becoming an Independent. There is no confirmation yet.

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