Shocker! Dem states’ job losses twice as high as Repub states


When you hear about the economy doing well, keep this in mind. States that voted for Biden lost jobs at more than double the rate of Republican ones during the pandemic.

Democratic states averaged job losses of 6.2%, versus 2.5% in Republican ones. The differences might be due to the severity of the pandemic restrictions.

States that voted for President Joe Biden in the 2020 election experienced significantly larger declines in total employment during the pandemic than those that went for Donald Trump, a new analysis shows.

Between February and December of last year, states that went for Biden saw the total number of people working drop an average of 6.2 percent, versus a 2.5 percent decline in those voting for the Republican, according to a analysis of federal jobs data.

The 13 states that saw the lowest decline in employment all lean strongly Republican, led by Alaska and Utah which actually saw employment increase by 0.7 and 0.3 percent respectively.

Writing for Reason magazine, Matt Welch examined a slightly different data set but reached a similar conclusion.

“What explains this partisan pattern in COVID-era jobs reports? Certainly not the virus itself. Hawaii is not just the job-loss leader; it’s also the state with the least mortality from the pandemic,” he wrote. ‘New York is third in job loss, second in death rate.’

Welch points the finger at the dramatic variation in how states handled pandemic restrictions on businesses and school closures.

“Blue-state governors in California and New York and Michigan have been far more strict about shutting down economic and physical activity than their red-state counterparts in Florida, South Dakota, and Texas,” he wrote.

“The comparative death tolls are roughly the same (California tracks with Florida, New York with South Dakota, and Michigan with Texas); the economic performances are anything but,'” he added.

Yeah, duh, of course. But we need studies because the obvious isn’t good enough, and the Democrats still won’t learn from it.

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