Shocking court docs show who else framed then-President Donald Trump


According to court documents reported by, George Soros — a demonic leftist — paid for his own investigator to work for the U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee to plant the fake Trump-Russia story. Then-Senator John McCain, heading up the Armed Services Committee, helped him by creating the report.

There were so many involved in this plot to get Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton, FBI, CIA, Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Jake Sullivan, and most in the media all had one goal in mind — destroy Donald Trump and his agenda.

Whatever you think of DJT, he ran the government like a traditional President. On the other hand, Joe Biden is leading like a communist dictator.

John Solomon and Lee Smith write:

The revelation that a committee led by the Republican McCain and Democratic Sen. Jack Reed of Rhode Island engaged a nonprofit with significant partisan ties is certain to reverberate in Washington and further the GOP narrative that the Russia collusion allegations were more a political dirty trick than a legitimate counterintelligence concern. Mueller concluded there was no evidence Trump and Russia colluded to hijack the 2016 election.

George Soros personally secured former FBI analyst Dan Jones to frame Trump. He arranged it through his hardcore left political organization called The Democracy Integrity Project (TDIP).

A Soros spokesman told The Hill in 2019 that the billionaire philanthropist wrote a sizable check from his personal funds in fall 2017 to TDIP in hopes it would continue “investigation and research into foreign interference in American elections and European elections.” That spokesman said Soros later learned that Fusion and Steele, who had previously worked for the Clinton campaign, had done some work for TDIP.

They all worked together to destroy Trump by smearing him with the fake scandal.

Soros made sure his TDIP group was embedded so they could continue “the work started under the Clinton campaign by Fusion GPS and former MI-6 agent Christopher Steele tying Donald Trump to fake Russia collusion. seeking to link Trump to Russia collusion. Its tax filings show it raised $7 million in 2017 to start its work.”

It’s not a surprise. It’s shocking and terrifying but not surprising.

Soros has meddled in our affairs and our elections for years. He is picking sheriffs, DAs, AGs, and getting other politicians into office by spreading his fortune around. Soros isn’t the only one. For example, fascist Bloomberg’s money turned Virginia over to the hard left.

Soros’s fingerprints are all over the border invasion. His NGOs and other far-left allies are heavily involved in open borders efforts to secure a permanent electoral majority.

Mr. Soros, who knows how to use our grant money to change the world, has already referred to himself “as a kind of god.” This man is a communist but laughs if you call him that. He has messed around with elections and financial systems, manufacturing revolutions around the world, and caused mayhem and misery wherever he could. He thinks nothing of demonizing innocent people. And if you criticize him, he says you’re anti-Semitic. Yet, he’s an atheist who didn’t feel bothered at all about confiscating the goods of Jewish people for the Nazis as a 14-year-old.

Soros also controls much of the media and social media. Last I researched it, every Facebook fact-checker was tied to Soros. Soros owns stakes in at least 30 newspapers.

Solomon and Smith uncovered the Soros effort when the Senate committee went to court.

It seems Dan Jones, who worked for Soros for free, looked into the DNS data that allegedly ‘proved’ links between Trump and Russia. The purported ‘links’ were marketing emails from Trump properties and other junk. They were only distractions to create a fake narrative to destroy Donald Trump. That fake data was then sent to the Senate committee with the fake storyline.

It doesn’t say much for the intelligence of our senators. However, some were likely blinded into stupidity by hate.

So many people were involved in selling out America. So, when people say we’re conspiracy theorists for thinking the election was stolen, they should start paying attention to the proven conspiracies before we don’t have a country.

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