Host asks DPS officer about DHS secretary’s immorality


Texas Public Safety officer Lt. Chris Olivarez, who is obviously Hispanic and not racist, is very concerned about the Haitian people coming in from Chile and Brazil who are being sent throughout the State. Texas is not only dealing with that but also the people coming through daily.

Texas is taking action where the federal government won’t — in violation of the law. Lt. Olivarez was involved in the wall of steel vehicles that slowed down the invasion of illegal aliens.

Host Martha MacCallum addressed DHS Secretary Mayorkas’ immorality on this issue. Mayorkas claims this administration is ethical and the past administration was immoral. She asked for the lieutenant’s observations.

He said this is a continued issue that has not slowed down. Texas, under the leadership of Greg Abbott, is doing what it can. The Federal government has done nothing, he added.

Thousands and thousands more are close to arriving. [In fact, the US is asking Brazil to take some.]

Mayorkas and the administration aren’t immoral? DHS Secretary Mayorkas confirmed to FoxLA’s Bill Melugin that there was no COVID-19 testing of the 15,000 migrants under the bridge in Del Rio. That includes the thousands who have been released into the country with NTAs or NTRs. [Which they won’t abide by. NTA is a notice to appear before the court, and NTR is a request to appear.]

How is that moral while Americans have to lose their jobs over Biden’s mandates? How is it moral to let anonymous people into the country without vetting? Americans will have to pay for these people financially or as crime victims. How is it moral to let all these drugs into the country, along with sex traffickers? It’s moral to aid and abet transnational gangs? Where is the morality in letting people risk their lives to come here with gangsters, especially the children whose parents are obviously child abusers?

This is to say nothing of the fact that Democrats are only doing it so they have all the power — the permanent electoral majority.


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