Shocking FISA Testimony on Capitol Hill


Rep.Thomas Massie battled the efforts by intelligence agencies to scare Americans into passing the FISA 702 resolution today.

Did you know Congress carved out nice protections for themselves so intelligence can only spy on the rest of us without any checks and balances?

“It does include the queried member receiving notice,” acknowledged Rep. Mike Turner, the Republican chairman of the House Intelligence Committee.

The intelligence agencies are abusing this to spy on and weaponize the government against Americans. They also share the information with other alphabet agencies.

The 702 abuse has gone on for decades. If intel agencies want to spy on Americans, Republicans say they at least have to get a warrant.

The easily abused FISA 702 resolution did not pass the House on Thursday. FBI Director Wray had begged for the renewal of the power to track foreign adversaries when, in practice, they often use it to spy on US citizens, including the GOP Presidential candidate.

The rights of American citizens come before the FBI using 702.

The 4th Amendment warrant requirement must be included, or no 702.

Maybe Wray should worry more about the open borders since he warned yet again today that there is potential for an imminent coordinated attack in the US.

The Uniparty will spend billions overseas to protect other nations, but they won’t close our borders.

Wray said they are not getting background checks of illegal aliens before they are released into the country.

The child sex trade is doing well. Open borders are irresponsible, dangerous, and evil.

Why are the intelligence services so opposed to getting warrants? One reason is that they want to spy without leaving any evidence behind.

They have repeatedly violated 702, and will continue if not stopped.

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