Key DC Players Compare J6 Riot to the War of 1812


Julie Kelly, who is covering judges acting badly came upon an interview between Judge Tom Hogan and Mary McCord at Georgetown in January 2024. As she mentioned, McCord is one of the masterminds behind the ongoing lawfare against Donald Trump, dating back to the unlawful FISA searches for his 2016 campaign. She clerked for Hogan decades ago.

Mary McCord and Judge Thomas Hogan

Hogan is one of the judges, the third judge, going public to condemn Trump before trial. The other two are Reggie Walton and former Chief Judge Beryl Howell.

It’s unseemly and unethical for judges to try cases on air before the actual trial.

Kelly published the interview so people could get a feel for the average mindset of a federal judge in the swamp as it is related to January 6 and Donald Trump. This is what the J6 defendants are up against.

It’s the War of 1812 Insurrection

McCord suggests in the interview with Hogan that J6 is like the attack of 1812. Hogan continues with the War of 1812 theme. The judge shows cherry-picked videos only — the worst possible videos. No one approves of the bad behavior on J6. It was a riot, and the overwhelming number of people were peaceful. None of the swamp creatures care that people who only walked around are called rioters and insurrectionists, and the innocent people outside are called insurrectionists.

The prosecutors claim that everyone who entered the Capitol is as guilty as the rioters because they went into the building.

The judge and McCord are activists. McCord is a dangerous woman behind a lot more than just lawfare. McCord is a key operative in the deep state (corrupt but powerful bureaucrats in the alphabet agencies).

Hogan condemns thousands of people in the linked clip, many of whom still haven’t been tried. These two are typical of DC.

They lie, exaggerate, and set up everyone who even just walked around before trial. This has gone on before all the trials.

You can watch the clip here. Hogan claimed officers who killed themselves months later and one who had a stroke the day after died because of the fake insurrection.

The Clip Is Hard to Take in Its High Level of Deception

Hogan pretended the trials were fair by mentioning two cases of people who were found innocent and a few who weren’t convicted of every charge. The J6 defendants were over-charged.

Hogan suggested that the judge and others were under serious threat by the Maga army. He has never noticed Antifa or Black Lives Matter, the communist anarchist rioters the Democrats support. Hogan suggested half the judges are in danger from Trump supporters.

McCord was disappointed the J6ers were charged with seditious conspiracy and not insurrection. She falsely indicated that J6 rioters were domestic terrorists. They were rioters!

Hogan bragged about the absurd 22-year sentence and other slightly lesser sentences. He says the “evidence is so overwhelming” but fails to note that only limited videos were released, and most people just walked around. There are two sides to the story.

McCord made a big deal out of the charge of disrupting the proceeding in her arrogant affected tone, and Hogan helped her make it sound more serious than it was.

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