Shootouts in Chattanooga and Taft – More Youth Violence


The Chattanooga Shootout


Downtown Chattanooga

Large groups of youth in their teens and early twenties were in downtown Saturday night when officers, who were patrolling the area, heard gunshots and saw multiple people engaged in a shootout. Numerous people fled the area.

Officers began rendering aid to the victims and assisting others to safety. Police spokesman Jeremy Eames said six are injured and two face life-threatening injuries.

Eames said large groups of juveniles were walking around the downtown area. The police believe “it’s from within that group that the shooting took place.”

Eames said it’s believed not all of the victims were intended targets of the shootout.

WTVC reported that none of the victims were shooters.

Police have detained one suspect in the shooting, according to reports.

It sounds like a non-white supremacist shooting, potentially gang-related. We only mention that because the Left is blaming the NRA, Donald Trump, all Republicans, and Ted Cruz for it on Twitter. The perpetrator’s race is not mentioned which is a hint. The fact that it is a shootout is another hint. Lastly, gang violence in Chattanooga is terrible and frequent.

One Twitter user blamed Marsha Blackburn and Bill Haggerty. Another blames Republicans. Still another blamed the NRA and Ted Cruz.

The scene after the shootiout:
Taft Oklahoma Shootout

Authorities said one person was killed and seven are injured after a shootout early Sunday during an outdoor festival in eastern Oklahoma. A witness describes frantic people running for cover as the gunfire erupted.

Two juveniles were among those shot at the Memorial Day event near Taft.

Witnesses said an argument preceded the gunfire just after midnight, the agency said. No one is under arrest.

The population of Taft is only 7% white. Therefore, we think this is a non-white supremacist event. This is a shootout in an area with heavy gang-activity. It’s potentially gang-related.

Calling it gun violence is a misnomer. It’s potentially gang violence.

Again, we wouldn’t have mentioned the gangs or race except the left is going wild with conjecture and allegations on social media.

We need to stop gang and youth violence.

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Ronald Harms
Ronald Harms
1 year ago

If black lives matter . . then stop killing each other.

Frank S.
Frank S.
1 year ago

Racist Margaret Sanger must be chuckling from her extra hot spot in Hell.

1 year ago

Perhaps, the Left may refer it as an after birth abortion. Oops! Planned Parenthood might not get paid if they did that.

1 year ago

It’s interesting that most of this type of crime is in Big Blue Cities and seems to center around the Democrats Minority Base. If this keeps up, at some point Liberals will exterminate themselves. And just think, Traitor Joe is importing more of these kind of people at our Southern Border. If the Democrats have a plan, it’s a really dumb one.