Shopify supplies Georgia’s ballots and they were hacked pre-election


The office of Georgia’s secretary of state orders blank ballots and other election supplies on Shopify. It is a Canadian e-commerce platform that admitted it was breached not long before Election Day.

The unique address of the website appears on the bottom of order records from local elections offices, some of which were discarded near the secretary of state’s distribution warehouse, The Epoch Times reports.

The shop’s landing page is protected by a password.

“The Georgia Elections Supply Store is for Georgia Election Officials only. It is password protected. If you do not know the password and you would like access to the store, please contact Rachell Simmons at the Secretary of State’s office,” the page states, before listing the email and phone number for Simmons.

Exposing the emails and phone numbers of officials involved in disseminating the password for the website leaves them vulnerable to phishing attempts. The Epoch Times confirmed that boxes appearing to contain these and other supplies were loaded from a warehouse to a UPS truck.

Neither the secretary of state’s office nor the company has responded back to The Epoch Times. We don’t know if Georgia was hacked.

Another Canadian company was involved in our elections — the Toronto-based Dominion Voting Systems.

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