Shut Up Bernie! Millionaire Socialist Bernie Says We Worship Wealth


Bernie Sanders, America’s angry red diaper baby, is livid over budget cuts which he says hit the arts, science and the poor. He should have added they hit the Democrat crony giveaways. He tweeted in anger yesterday.

Wealthy hypocrite Bernie Sanders is out condemning Americans yet again. Every few months he condemns capitalism and wealth. That’s rich coming from the socialist who bought his third home last August — a $600K Vermont Lake summer home.

Bernie’s money is mostly in his wife’s name, but together they are worth millions. He never held a real job until he was voted in as mayor of Burlington.

A millionaire Socialist ranting about Americans worshipping wealth is as crazy as Obama’s imaginary girlfriend and Rachel Maddow’s tax return exposé.

The tweet had the usual responses from the Bernie drones, but the Trump forces came out after it was up for several hours.

Some want to know about his summer home.

Here’s a good question, how did he become a millionaire?

Others want to know why they have to work to support the lazy good-for-nothings. Bernie never busted his @ss to get where he is, just shot off his mouth. Truth be told, Bernie isn’t even a socialist, he’s a die-hard communist.

Venezuela has proven to us that Bernie Socialism works as long as you don’t mind eating pigeon and trash.

This next woman doesn’t understand that socialism means you don’t keep what you earn. The government can take it all away and give to people of their choosing who didn’t earn it.

Unfortunately, polls show a lot of the millennials don’t see the problems inherent in socialism and communism.

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