Sidney Powell has photos of check stubs to pay ballot harvesters


Sidney Powell claims she has photos of the check stubs used to pay people to ballot harvest. It sounds like she has the goods, but we haven’t seen the evidence.

What a joke this election is and no judge will take it on.



  1. What a joke this election is and no judge will take it on.

    Sounds like the candidacy of Barack Hussein Obama who’s father was never a US citizen meaning Barack Hussein Obama is not a natural born citizen as our Constitution requires and no judge would take that on. That was such a farce that it is completely ignored that neither of Kamala Harris’ parents were US citizens at the time of her birth meaning she is not a natural born citizen either.

    • “Under the 14th Amendment’s Naturalization Clause and the Supreme Court case of United States v. Wong Kim Ark, 169 US. 649, anyone born on U.S. soil and subject to its jurisdiction is a natural born citizen, regardless of parental citizenship. This type of citizenship is referred to as birthright citizenship.”

  2. She is thorough. I can’t help but respect that kind of attention to detail.
    This woman is inspirational.
    Joey Palms? Yea, not so much.
    Fam gave me the laugh of the day with the line…Biden will bring about much needed change.
    There was silence when I said what change will someone who has worked in government 50 years bring about.

  3. She and others have the goods. We have observed enough, and they have provided enough detail for us to realize this.

    The other side affirms this with their “no evidence” defense. The damn is bursting. The deep state, media and leftists do not control the Supreme Court.

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