Smiling man in a Breonna Taylor tee murders 3 random people in a pub


“I didn’t think I’d be scrubbing blood off my patio on a Saturday morning,” Bishop told WDRB News. “I thought I was getting ready for everybody to watch the ballgame.”

According to WDRB, a black male, Michael E. Rhynes, age 33, walked into a Louisville bar owned by a retired police officer and shot and killed three random people at point-blank range on Friday night. At the time he was wearing a Justice for Breonna Taylor shirt.

No words were exchanged beforehand, no one knew the man, he just walked in to kill people.

The suspect was smiling broadly as he was arrested for the shooting. They found the coward crawling in brush near the restaurant.

The shooter was wearing a “Justice for Breonna Taylor” t-shirt.

The media is ignoring the story. Imagine if it was a Trump shirt!


Louisville Metro Police officers responded to the bar, located on Beulah Church Road, around 11:30 p.m. Two of the men who were shot, Toreon Jermaine Hudson, 26, and William Scott Smallwood, 48, were pronounced dead at the scene, according to the Jefferson County Coroner’s Office. The other victim, Steven Matthew Head, 24, died from his injuries at University Hospital.

GoFundMe has been created to help cover the victims’ funeral expenses. Outside Bungalow Joe’s on Saturday, members of the community created a memorial for the men, who Bishop said worked together. One of the men was his manager’s fiancé. Smallwood was his dear friend.

“Very first customer I had in the place,” Bishop said of Smallwood. “Well-liked by everyone. Didn’t have an enemy in the world. He was a regular; he was a fixture here. Every time you came up here, there was a good chance Scott was going to be here.”

In all his years in business, Bishop said he’s had to call the police to Bungalow Joe’s just one time. He said the sign above the door best describes his restaurant — a family grill and pub.

“They’re my family,” he said. “My customers, my employees — they’re just all my family. And when they hurt, I hurt.”

About the tee. Breonna Taylor has become a rallying cry for the left. Breonna Taylor was shot and killed during a no-knock warrant after her alleged drug-dealing boyfriend fired at officers as they battered the door down. The boyfriend claimed he thought it was just someone breaking into the house.



  1. with all due respect,
    why everytime when there is a crime being reported,the criminal ,like 8 out of every 10,are black?
    Why haven’t your politicians,law-makers and the black community leaders been working on to solve this problem? instead of blaming everything on the police

  2. with all due respect,you as a nation have become way too soft,way too stupid,and have lost your Common Sense ,this contribute to at least 90 percent of why you go downhill from what you used to be ,the lighthouse that enlightens the world ,
    now in many parts of the world,you(plural)have become a joke instead of that

    • the way of making America great again is to pick up the Common Sense again,to pick up the Constitution ,the pick up the Bill of Rights,and the founding ideology of this country again

    • Thank you Martha for the interaction,

      folks should know,speaking out is not racist,because by speaking out we are not claiming black are genetically more violent than us ,we are only pointing out an objective social phenomenon,step one of solving any problem is to point out what the problem is,why would anyone think it’s racism,that’s stupid,we are all the same species with little genetic difference,therefore the problem must be in either the culture or the economics,or both,
      I wish the best for American people ,but we all know,pretending the problem doesn’t exist won’t help

      • and I think ,it’s better if the members of that community themselves realize this problem and stand out to improve their community than an outsider to preach anything,
        black intellectuals ,black politicians and black social elites should realize they have this social obligation ,both for the greater good of their community and of this country

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