Smith Asks Judge Cannon to Gag Trump Over Supporter’s Threat


According to The Epoch Times, special counsel Jack Smith’s office once again requested that federal judge Aileen Cannon impose a gag order on former President Donald Trump. This is in his classified records case. He wants him gaged because a man who said he supports Donald Trump threatened an FBI agent.

That is Smith’s new evidence. Allegedly, on June 11, a man in Texas threatened an FBI agent who worked on the Hunter laptop case. Jack Smith’s office identified him as a Trump supporter. Since he supports Trump, he wants to gag Trump.

It is as ludicrous as it sounds.

A Trump Supporter Can Cause DJT to Lose His 1st Amendment. 

The Smith office claims the Trump supporter’s threat shows President Trump’s remarks about law enforcement officials pose an imminent threat.

“Statements that present a significant, imminent, and foreseeable danger to the law enforcement agents working on this case pose a significant and imminent threat to the integrity of these criminal proceedings,” said the court motion, which was filed on the same day that Judge Cannon held a hearing on the legitimacy of Mr. Smith’s appointment as special counsel in the classified records case.

“Just last week, a supporter of Trump called an FBI agent associated with the Hunter Biden case and claimed that, if Trump wins reelection, FBI agents will be thrown in jail; and if he does not win, the agents will be ‘[hunted] down” and ’[slaughtered]‘ in their own homes, after which ’[we’re going] to slaughter your whole [expletive] family,’” the court papers said.

“No court would tolerate another defendant deliberately creating such immediate risks to the safety of law enforcement, and this Court should not wait for a tragic event before taking action in this case,” Mr. Smith’s team added.

So, it looks like Smith wants you to believe that threats by some unhinged person who supports Trump are Trump’s fault.


Judge Cannon tossed a previous request for a gag order by the special counsel’s office several weeks ago, saying that Mr. Smith did not follow the procedure or rules she laid out for filing such motions. Just days later, Mr. Smith’s team submitted another gag order request, and the judge has not yet ruled on it.

In opposition to the gag order, the former president’s lawyers have argued that it would violate the 45th president’s First Amendment rights, notably while he is the leading Republican presidential candidate ahead of the November 2024 election. They also argued that the request was an attempt to restrict what he could say during his first presidential debate against President Joe Biden at the end of the month.

Smith again mentioned Trump’s comment on the FBI having blanket use of force when searching Mar-a-Lago. It’s apparently a routine notice. They can shoot anyone at will when they raid a place.

Meanwhile, last week, the leftist New York Court of Appeals rejected a Trump appeal to rescind a gag order. It was the order by New York Justice Juan Merchan. He is overseeing a separate criminal case against the former president in Manhattan.

The media is helping the prosecutors out. ABC News claims they found 54 cases of violence or threats by people invoking Trump’s name. This doesn’t work in reverse, of course. The Left can threaten day and night.

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